Glittery3 is a fantage user! She has been a user since Feburary 2010! She is often found on low and full servers! Glittery3 is a non member fantagian, but she lots of member items. Glittery3's friends are: Glimmer90 (BFF) Truestar11 (BFF) An_Molly Cristina792 Mdh78 Iceycycle91                          




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Glittery3 is mostly friendly and kind to other users. However, she does not add anymore users. Her level is 131, and enjoys to play fashion shows. She also is spotted at cafe several times chatting with fans. Glittery3 likes to help out the fantage community by donating items. People say she scams, but there's no proof to it.

Glittery3 nicknames are 




Turkeyfish ( dont call her that in public )

Glittery3 is really easy to spot as she is always around servers. She comes on everyday and loves to meet new people. Her favorite servers are Amber Antelope and White Seal, but she usually isn't spotted in Amber Antelope. Sometimes she often gets crowded by fantagians when she's with her famous friends, she doesnt mind chatting with them and telling stories. People call her wild, crazy, funny, creative and more!

Glittery3 is famous because she knows a lot of fantage royals and has stickers from queenbee_, an_molly, cristina792, mzcavs, chandriler, tiaryn.... more

Glittery3 doesnt have a one / Fantage boyfriend yet.